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Efast™ Exponentiator Technology


Setting a New Performance Standard in Public Key Cryptography

The eFast™ exponentiator sets a new performance standard for public key cryptography. The eFast™ technology shrinks the gate count that is required for implementing fast exponentiations on an ASIC or an FPGA. If you are implementing cryptographic accelerators for virtual private networks or other crypto accelerators the eFast™ technology will speed up your product or shrink the required space required for exponentiations.
For smart cards the technology will give the manufacturer a huge cost advantage.

Half the size
The cost of a normal ASIC is estimated to be proportional to the fourth power of the chip area. A preliminary test result shows that the eFast technology can half the size of the numerical processing unit (NPU), that is required to implement a given performance on a ASIC. On an FPGA implementation the speed increase in comparison with known methods for exponentiation is spectacular.


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