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Encryption Technology — HCIA™


The encryption and decryption of information has long been an important tool for preventing unauthorized and undesired access to secret information, whether this information is stored in a computer, on a computer-readable storage medium, or transmitted between two parties over some communication link. With the evolution of computers and telecommunications technology, the quantity of information created and exchanged on a day to day basis is ever increasing and ever more accessible. The need to prevent unwanted access to, and possible tampering with, this information in a manner that is rapid to implement but ensures high security is therefore greater than ever before.

HCIA - a New Way of Encryption

With the introduction of our encryption method the High Complexity Interpretation Algorithm (HCIA™) a new technology for encryption is born. The HCIA™ system is based on the irreversibility of executional output and description problems of language. This could sound complicated (it’s not trivial anyway), but we will give it a try.

The use of static algorithms and time-invariant methods as in conventional symmetric cryptography is avoided by interpretation of the key and the message as an encoding of a new algorithm. Practically you will get a new system, or loosely speaking a new algorithm, for every encryption you make. HCIA™ is an “encryption system creator”.

This gives the cryptanalyst who tries to break the system a “new algorithm”, that is unknown to him, to analyze for every intercepted message!

More on HCIA™

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Patent Information

Published Swedish Patents

Patent Number

Swedish, (English)


Kryptering och dekryptering av digitala meddelanden i paketförmedlande nät, (Encrypyption and Decryption in Packet Switched Networks)


Bearbetningsmetod och apparat för omvandling av information från ett första format till ett andra format,
(Method and apparatus for converting information from a first format into a second format)

Legal notes:
HCIA and other technology described in this document is covered by Patents and pending Patents worldwide and brand names owned by Protego Information AB and by Lateca Computer Inc N.V.

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