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The R300A-SMT is a small 40kb/s random number generator for SMT mounting. The R300A-SMT is powered by a 3V-5V supply. 6 pads are provided for communication and power to the module. There are several other pads, on the top side, for evaluation and testing. The R300A-SMT have an SPI-Slave port for random numbers. The random numbers is pased through an internal hardware test as well as cryptographic processing before they
leave the R300A-SMT. The analog noise signal, as well as the digital signal after sampling, is available for testing and evaluation. The obtained raw bytestream can be obtained using a command port, for on-board testing.

The command port write plaintext status and error messages, to faciliate a fast and simple intergration in your application.

The R300A datasheet.
A digital picture of the R300A-SMT
A zip file with landing pattern in Gerber format.

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R300A-SMT pinout
26.5mm x 14.5mm x 3.0mm size.


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