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Payment and Shipping Information

This page provides payment and shipping information for ordering random number products.

Shipping Information

The shipping address must be correct and complete. You must provide a correct postal- or Zip code, and please note that EMS or UPS shipping computers will make
a look-up, to check that your shipping address match the postal code. The only
exception would be if postal codes is not used at all in your country.
USA+Canada customers must also provide the "State". 
We ship to most countries in the world, so please also provide the Country where you live (US+ Canada customers!).
If you prefer a separate invoice and delivery address, you may send an E-Mail or use the "Optional message to Protego" field. 

Provide a phone number to the receiver of the shipping. We also include your purchase order number on the shipping, as part of the shipping address, if available.
If you send us some address information, that you prefer not to be known by shipper/customs, indicate so, and we will not include it on the shipping documents or address.

Taxes, VAT, and local fees must be payed by you prior to receiving the shipping. We cannot investigate, or inform you, on such local practices, laws, or fees. The fee/tax/VAT is not included in the price of our products.

Customs processing may be confusing and irritating, in some countries some of the time. Please include your VAT code, as proper identification of your company, by experience, make matters more easy at your local import Customs.

We never include your e-mail address for use by Shipper/Customs/Spam.
All orders are checked manually before any products are shipped.

If you ship by UPS, track your shipping on-line, so you know if something go wrong. You may call your local UPS office at any time.
The EMS also have a tracking number, but on-line tracking is likely not fully implemented; this will likely improve. All our EMS shipments can be tracked on-line at posten.se, but the English service don't work (!). When the shipping leave Sweden, tracking is no longer possible at "Posten". To find you local post service look here.
If you think there is a problem, try calling to your local post office, and ask, as they likely have a fully implemented on-line tracking system for internal use.

It is OK for us to ship to an alternate or temporary address, such as building site, hotel, exhibition, and similar. We require that your purchase is fully payed in advance, and you must also take the full responsibility of receving the shipping, so it don't get lost. We also need your complete office address for our accounting.

Shipping Method


Time for Delivery After Confirmed Order

Customer's Account EUR  30 Within 3-9 Days

DHL (Europe)

EUR  50 Within 4-5 Days
DHL (US) EUR  66 Within 5-6 Days
DHL (Asia and
other countries)
EUR 66 Within 6-9 Days

UPS (Europe)

EUR 121

Within 3 Days

UPS (US) EUR 154 Within 4-5 Days

UPS (Asia and
other countries)

EUR 264

Within 5-8 Days

The above approximate shipping time assume payment by invoice or that an
advance payment have been confirmed. Shipping is also possible on a customer's own account (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. that have service here). In this case the customer pays all shipping fees on his account, and our shipping/handling fee of the order
is EUR 30.


Payment Information

The different payment methods accepted are listed in the table below, along with the approximate processing time. For more information about a specific payment method click in the table. Swedish customers may also use our Plusgiro; Swedish customers
must also pay a 25% VAT.

Type of Payment

Payment Processing Times

Company Check A minimum of 25 days after cheque have been received
Pay Pal Pay Pal either on site or we email

Bank Transfer

Within 3 days after payment have been received


A wire transfer normally take only a day, but then our bank take 3 days to inform us on the payment details.


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